Three-Tea Gift Sets

IMG_0343We’ve curated these three-tea sets for you to share the gift of Tea in a special way. Three wonderful teas are hand-packed with love into beautiful gold tins, with a layer of paper fitted in to separate the metal from the tea leaves to preserve the tea’s energy. A card inside contains a description of each tea, along with space for your own personalization.

The three teas come from Yunnan Province, southwestern China; the birthplace of all tea and China’s most ecologically diverse region. We’ve chosen three teas to invite the enlivening spirit of this place into your every day: a red tea for invigorating energy, a green tea evoking clarity & tranquility, and a shou puerh for warmth & calm.

Enclosed in a beautiful red paper box, it’s a beautiful gift your loved one can warm up to again and again.

The Teas:
18g Mountain Strength Spring 2016 Red Tea; Big Snow Mountain
15g Presence Spring 2015 Green Tea; Wu Liang Mountain
30g Depth 2014 Shou Puerh Tea Menghai Tea Factory

Only 24 sets have been made in total, and we have very few remaining! Contact Us to get yours.