Harvest-Blend Red Tea Brick
Feng Qing, Yunnan, China

Made from a blend of harvests in Yunnan, Contentment offers a wonderfully balanced taste, energy and qi. The Autumn leaves, more gentle and large, balance the vibrant energies of the tender Spring leaves and buds. The result is a clear, bright taste with a mellow structure and body. It invites a grounding, restful feeling in the body.
Brew it strong in the morning for depth and energy, or brew it light for the afternoon, even the end of the day! It’s a simple, accessible tea, to invite contentment into any moment.

Conveniently pressed into a 100-gram tea brick, this tea will travel and age well! It’s tightly compressed, so you’ll want to use a proper tea pick to pry off portions.

Brewing Suggestions: Try bowl tea style, brewed with a teapot. Experiment with leaf amount and infusion time.