Below is our winter selection of clean, organic, and/or rare teas from Taiwan & China. Each tea exudes its own world of flavors, qi and depth.
We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
Contact us to for info on how/where to purchase.

Teas from Yunnan Province, China

(sold out) Enchanted Spring 2014 Wild Tea Buds

Presence Spring 2015 Green Tea

Red (“Black”): 
Contentment Spring/Autumn-Blend Red Tea Brick
Foundation Spring 2016 Old Arbor Red Tea
Mountain Strength Spring 2016 Red Tea

Shou Puerh:
Depth 2014 Loose Shou Puerh Tea, Menghai
Dragon Dance 2007 Loose Shou Puerh, Lincang
Mini Bird’s Nests 2013 Shou Puerh Whole-Leaf Tuo Cha

Teas from Yunnan Province, China

Reverie 2015 Striped GABA Tea