Nepali Gardens Certified Biodynamic Incense 


We’re pleased to offer the only Certified Biodynamic herbal incense we know of in existence! 


Nepali Gardens incense is Demeter-certified, made of wild-collected, non-endangered herbs and plants from the mountains of Nepal. Everything is purely natural and hand-produced—down to the packaging, made from Nepalese paper. We feel that the Biodynamic nature of the incense adds a character and depth that can’t be described, only experienced. Lighting even a small piece will purify your space and envelop you in the essence of the mountains and plants. All-natural ingredients include camphor, mugwort, tulsi, and more.
16 pieces per box.


Tips: Stand the stick upright in a holder, or light it and lay it flat in one of our censers for an even gentler scent that burns more slowly. For small spaces, try using a short piece first.

Due to the natural, handmade nature of this product, it may even occasionally extinguish itself and require relighting.

Varieties — Click on each image to view ingredients.


Or—Try Them All!

Assorted Incense Sampler — “Angels & Fairies”
Includes 8 Scent Varieties, 3 Sticks of Each.
Demeter (red sticker): All Demeter-Certified Biodynamic Ingredients
Bio (green sticker): Contain Exotic Scents from Beyond Nepal (All Organic)

Includes clay rose incense stick holder (also available separately)

Handmade & Handpackaged in Nepal.  Try lighting a small piece at a time.

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