One of the ways hearth came to be was through our involvement with tea ceremonies. While Max lived in Taiwan, at most any tea gathering, some incense would be lit somewhere—creating a relaxing ambiance, or maybe resting on an altar as an offering.

Incense From Nepal


A soothing, natural scent or aroma can evoke such coziness that we felt we had to include incense in our offerings. Sourcing incense, just as with tea, can be a challenge to navigate. So far, we’ve gathered together a tiny stock of natural, pure incense to share from Nepal & Taiwan. They are free of any unnatural substances, binding agents, and some are even made from wild-cultivated medicinal herbs.

Our incense from Taiwan (page coming soon) is made from aloeswood, with a meditative and relaxing scent that isn’t overpowering and doesn’t linger very much, making it perfect for tea.

Our incense from Nepal is a selection of certified biodynamic Tibetan-style herbal incense sticks, purely handmade from herbs and plants there.