We’re Lily & Max, two siblings “a couple of years apart but joined at the hip” …

We’ve always been an inseparable duo, but our journeys have led us at times to different ends of the Earth.

Lily’s love for travel, adventure and culture have taken her across Europe, North Africa and Southeast Asia. Her work in the areas of community economic development, sustainability and youth empowerment have led her to South America and eventually back home to Cincinnati, Ohio. She is enamored with experiencing this abundantly diverse world and making meaningful contributions to its future.

Max’s calling to different healing practices of the East brought him to places like India, Nepal, and Southeast Asia. In Taiwan, he lived as a resident student in a Tea & Zen center for nearly two years. The practice of sacred tea ceremony continues to welcome profound shifts in his life, along with the healing arts of bodywork and sound healing.

The inspiration for Hearth was lit in 2016, when we’d realized a common thread weaving together the experiences, insights and treasures we’d come across on our travels. Every good we offer is something we’ve personally come across, which has impacted us in a wholesome way; the healing plant medicine of Tea, the comfort and warmth of locally-made blankets from both Ecuador and Nepal; and other goods that evoke coziness.

This humble flame will evolve and shift right along with our own lives. We are truly grateful to invite you along. Let’s gather around the Hearth—for connection, warmth, and a little rest before we continue on our journeys.

From the Hearth,
Max & Lily